Greg Helland

For over 40 years Greg Helland has a clear record of success launching, turning around and growing organizations in highly diverse industries.  Most notably, Mr. Helland founded T.L. Creates, Inc., the world’s largest company producing intellectual property and licensing management software.  His clients included Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, MTV/Viacom,, NHL, NASCAR, M&M Mars, Campbell Soup, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, Thomas the Tank Engine, Major League Baseball Players Association and Elvis Presley Enterprises, to name a few.  The software tracks all of the legal and financial obligations and performance of an intellectual property contract including complex deal point capture, contract creation, quality control, multi-currency reconciliation all the way through to royalty calculations and interfacing to corporate accounting systems.

Helland created a strategic plan to dominate the intellectual property software space and grabbed 65% market share, outliving competitors in this arena.  He did this by producing a product that had a depth of features benefiting multiple departments in large licensing organizations.  This also required highly competent programmers and support staff in order to meet the demands of high visibility clients where Greg lead a corporate culture that embraced the fun of the entertainment industry while creating a corporate work ethic rarely matched.  Mr. Helland positioned the company to be acquired in 1998 by Counterpoint Systems, Ltd of London and he consulted back to run the operations and grow the company through 2002.

BleuPelikan, Inc. (2004-present). In 2017, BleuPelikan, Inc. introduced a new product, PeliKalc™, that provides unit based forecasting against actual sales and complete broker commission calculation and reporting. See for details. Originally, BleuPelikan, Inc. was founded in 2004 to bring a desktop solution for retail scuba stores into the SAAS environment. He contracted a product called ScubaWare, owned by another company, and directed the operations of development, support, sales and marketing to provide a secure online solution embraced by the scuba industry.  After creating a sufficient ongoing annuity, Mr. Helland semi-retired in 2008 and directed his efforts towards mentoring younger businessman and participates on various nonprofit boards including World Link Ministries Inc., San Joaquin Leadership Prayer Breakfast, and The Servant Leadership Institute of Lithuania.  He also developed numerous websites for nonprofit organizations including,,, to name a few.  BleuPelikan, Inc. now seeks to bring innovative solutions to everyday life.

Bottle-Shock-Open-Logo233x230One of five founders of “The Bottle Shock Open” Home Winemakers Competition. 2014 was our inaugural year and it was a resounding success.  This is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to improving home winemakers skills through our “Educational Wine Competition”.  Since the inaugural competition, The Bottle Shock Open has continued to grow and help home winemakers to make a premier wine though the educational feedback received from our world class judges.  See this link for further information.


Boboli International, LLC (May 2015 to May 2017) President & Chief Operating Officer of Boboli International, LLC a US producer of Dutch Choux Pastries (Cream Puffs & Elairs) with our Patissa, Dutch Choux, Tulip Street and Van Deirman brands. Boboli International, LLC also owns the Boboli Trademark and Pizza Crust Recipes worldwide except for the USA and Europe.

FlixChip, Corp.(2012-May 2015) In late 2015 the company changed the name to GoChip Corp  Mr. Helland received a call from Mr. John Strisower in late 2011 and was asked to be a co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Board of Directors member for a startup consumer products company, FlixChip Corp.

Greg and John were colleagues 20 years ago when running their own software and hardware companies where they built a trust and respect for one another.  Based upon this bond, the two men have ventured upon a new startup to change the way people view home entertainment with “MuviChip™” the first, global, solid-state, movie distribution media designed for consumers to effortlessly use with computers, mobile phones, tablets, TVs and other devices.  muvichip’s patented magnetic properties make it a satisfying snap to use and organize without DVD/Blu-ray drives or disc storage boxes.  MuviChip is packaged in a collectable card with exciting high-quality graphical movie images.

RightsLine, Inc.  (2004-2005) Mr. Helland joined RightsLine, Inc, a new competitor in the intellectual property software management space as their President.  He spent one year with the company helping to broaden the functionality and viability of the product as well as how to position the product in the market as the only SAAS solution.  Finding an opportunity to work in the SCUBA industry, Greg, a passionate SCUBA diver, left to pursue a market that allowed for more diving.

T.L. Creates, Inc. (1984-2002) As founder, CEO and Chairman, Mr. Helland started the company to create an ERP solution for the small to medium size business.  Using his previous experience in manufacturing management, he created an integrated system that was robust and flexible but more importantly was designed to be user-friendly.  The product, SUMIT, was successfully installed in dozens of companies over a period of 6 years.  In 1986 Mr. Helland was approached by a public safety software provider to become the exclusive California representative for their product.  Over the next 10 years, T.L.  Creates, Inc. grew the company’s market share by over 90%.  In 1990 he was approached by a company out of London to integrate his accounting and contact management modules into a legal system that tracked intellectual property.  It was this opportunity that set the stage for the product that would eventually dominate the intellectual property management software arena.

iSF, Inc. in-Store Fotofinishers, Inc. (1984-1999) Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board.  iSF was the first company to bring one hour photo finishing into grocery stores, starting with Food-4Less in Stockton, CA.  Mr. Helland was instrumental in negotiating a consulting contract with Safeway Stores to help them enter the one hour photo finishing kiosk concept within their grocery store chain.  Sold the company to the other founding partner in 1999.

CCG California Canners & Growers (1974-1986) Greg began his business career in manufacturing and distribution.  During his 12 year career, which began as a management trainee, he ended up as Director of Distribution responsible for nine West Coast distribution centers, Greg implemented scheduling systems that increased productivity 140% and decreased costs by over 50%.  He managed budgets in excess of $30 million and supervised over 600 people spanning three different unions.  The experience he gained at CCG was the foundation upon which he built his future successes.

Greg is also on the board of directors of World Link Ministries, Inc. as well as the Lodi Amateur Vintners Associations.  He also works with a church in Lithuania, City Church and travels there quite often to work with them and encourage them.  Greg is half Lithuanian and finds a deep connection with the people and country.